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Connect to your soul for a life of peace, passion and purpose.

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Hey, Bright Soul,

I'm Donna, a Self-Help Author and an Motivational & Spiritual Mentor.

I am here to share my own soul journey with you,

to guide you to connect to your own soul,

to follow the whispers of your soul 

for a life of peace, passion and purpose. 

Donna xx

(More about Donna Here)

It often takes a shake up to wake us up to begin us on our spiritual soul path, a life event which knocks us down and breaks us open to surrender, to heal, to listen to our soul instead of the outside world. I'm here to help guide you back to your soul through my courses, articles, videos and book (writing in progress) you don't have to feel alone along your journey. 

Living a soul- based life is: 

- Honouring who you truly are at soul level.

- Honouring your mind, body & spirit.

- Listening & following guidance from your soul.

- Living according to your values & passions.

- Self-love, Self-care & Self-worth.

- To be in the ever changing flow of life. 

- Balancing being & doing.

- To heal, learn and to continuously grow in life.

- To be an observer of your mind.

- To trust the Universe. 

Online Course Coming April 2020.

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