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Donna Owens

Author, Motivational & Spiritual Mentor.

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Hey, Bright Soul,

I'm Donna, a Author and an Motivational & Spiritual Mentor, the wrong side of 35, a free-spirit, a crazy cat lady and I'm so excited to inspire you to shine your beautiful light into the world.

I am here to encourage you to follow the nudges of your soul, to do more of what makes you happy and to be guided by your heart.


Think of me as your spiritual soul sister and your supportive cheerleader encouraging you to go for it! (whatever "it" is for you) and celebrating each win with you (i'll bring the bottle!).

I want every woman to live doing what they love to do, living with joy, passion, purpose and shining with happiness.

Donna xx

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How I can help you live with joy, passion & purpose.

You have a dream, a vision, a goal, a wish..You want to be doing what you love to do- maybe it's to start your own business, write a book or to work with animals instead of people but you are frozen in fear, drowning in self-doubts that you aren't good enough or overwhelmed at how you would achieve your vision and make it a reality.


This 12 week Mentoring programme will take you through your 3 Step plan towards clarity, confidence and action towards achieving your goals and bright future.

You don't have to feel overwhelmed, lost, struggling and feel alone anymore together we are going to create your roadmap to success.

CLICK HERE for more information.  

Are you wanting to follow your soul, to do more of what makes you happy, to grow, to heal? to learn more about yourself? to begin to live in alignment to your values, passion and purpose?


Do you set monthly intentions or goals? Do you achieve them? 

Are your intentions things you should do or things which move you forward, are they things which help your personal and spiritual growth, healing and things which bring joy into your daily life? 

Are your monthly intentions aligned to your values, your heart, soul and dreams?

You are invited to join my FREE Monthly Be Inspired Group! On the 1st of each month you will receive a themed intention Email to help inspire, motivate and support you on your spiritual journey, your dreams, your monthly goals and your daily life. 


Each month you can connect to your inner self, discover something new about yourself, heal, achieve goals, be supported, gain confidence and so much more. 


In this modern living we have come so disconnected with our soul, that we feel lost, overwhelmed, stressed and unhappy. 

We have so many things on our to-do list that we forget about our own wellbeing, needs and desires. 


These Monthly Intention emails gives you space for yourself once a month, to turn down the external world and tune into your inner world. Topics covered include kindness, gratitude, joy, confidence, clarity, space, trust, surrender and forgive. 


You will receive a mix of: Meditations, affirmations, journaling ideas, worksheets, goal-setting exercises and much more to help bring more joy, passion and purpose into your month.


How fast are the days, months and years going right now? It’s time to slow down and connect to your soul, your passions and your happiness to begin to live life for you and no one else. 


It can start by setting your intentions at the start of each month, helping you to plan your journey, healing and growth. Sign up below to begin your journey.

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