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You have a dream, a vision, a wish..You want to be doing what you love to do- maybe it's to start your own business, write a book or to work with animals instead of people but you are frozen in fear, drowning in self-doubts that you aren't good enough or overwhelmed at how you would achieve your vision and make it a reality.


Maybe the people around you aren't supportive as your dreams aren't considered "a real job" so instead you struggle in life, you're surviving, you're not living with joy and passion, what you love to do is a dream and is put on the shelf until life gives you more time, more money to be able to do it or when you feel you have the confidence to take the leap.

Well sister, your time is now. The universe makes no mistakes you found this page and you are reading this for a reason, there is a fire within you that you wish you to ignite. What is your passion? What is it you long to do in life? What is it you want to create in the world? Your soul is nudging you to step out of the shadows which you have been hiding in for so long and step into the light to shine your magic into the world, the world needs you!

I'm passionate about helping you step into that light which is why I created the Pursue your Passion Programme to guide you, support you and celebrate with you along your journey of turning your passion into your reality. You have passions, talents, gifts and skills for a reason they are the pieces to your life purpose, they are yours to use, to create, and to help make a difference in the world. 

In this programme we can put the pieces together to create a roadmap from where you are to where you want to be. 

Are you ready for your new exciting joy-filled life?

12 Week Email Mentoring Programme.

In this 12 week Email Mentoring Programme we will go through a personal 3 step action plan which covers:

Month 1- CLARITY

I help you get crystal clear on your future vision, your passions & purpose,

your values and priorities and your short & long-term goals .

Together we shall create your future vision blueprint for turning your passions into your reality. 

Over the 4 weeks you will be sent 3 workbooks with a mix of reflective questions, visualisation exercises and worksheets along with up to 3 supportive emails per week if you need, to help you feel empowered and excited for the future you are creating.

When you have completed this section you will: 

- Have a clear written blueprint of your future.

- Have a clear vision of your short and long term goals. 

- Know your values, needs, strengths and priorities in your life.


We will work together to identify which confidence block/s are holding you back from doing what you love, where the blocks came from and you will learn how to release these blocks so that they no longer keep you held back from pursuing your passion any longer.

Over the 4 weeks you will be sent 3 workbooks, with a selection of NLP/CBT/Visualisation techniques best suited to you, you will be supported as you work though this section with up to 3 emails per week (plus texts if needed) to give you the encouragement to move forward.

When you have completed this section you will:

- Know what's stopping you from pursuing your passion.

- Gained the skills on how to release old beliefs and memories which kept you stuck

- Learnt how to quieten your inner critic voice and re-programme your thought patterns.

Month 3- ACTION

We shall break down your goals into a gentle 3 month plan of action steps which you are comfortable with, create monthly to-do lists and ways to keep you on track and focused.

Over the 4 weeks you will be sent 2 workbooks with tips, exercises and worksheets so that you are able to take action with clarity and confidence.

You will be supported and cheered as you move forward to living your bright future with up to 3 emails per week (and texts if needed) so that you are motivated and celebrated each step of the way. 

 When you have completed this section you will:

- Learnt how to break goals down into achievable action steps.

- Have an action plan to achieve your goals.

- Learnt how to remove distractions to get things done.

Benefits of Email Mentoring

  • Low pressure, relaxed and friendly (like having a supportive penpal.)

  • On hand confidential encouragement & support when you need. (Reply within 12 hrs & up to 3 Emails per week.)

  • Convenient- don't have to schedule appointments, you can access emails and content whenever and wherever you can (mobile, tablet, laptop.).

  • Perfect for those with low confidence and/or busy mums.

  • Emails are a form of journaling therapy, by writing out your goals, dreams, concerns, questions and frustrations will help you feel calmer, open your heart and you'll be able to see things in a clear manner.

  • You can keep and print all content for future reference and re-read when you need a boost of motivation.

  • You can take your time to write emails and reflect on what's been said and any exercises which have been given to you.



Donna is supportive, passionate and enthusiastic in helping you to discover your inner callings and to teach you the healing tools so that you too can break free of limiting beliefs and reach your full potential in life.


Donna is an empathetic and inspiring person. Donna's kind words and encouragement has helped me to realise my life purpose and has given me the confidence to move forward to persue a career that I thought wouldn't be possible for me, and for that I am so grateful!


I’m already so very grateful for all of your work and feel you've already given me so much inspiration and drive, just having someone believe in you is brilliant, thank you.

Pursue your Passion here...

I want you to succeed, shine, thrive and own your life doing what you love to do. I'm ready to be your biggest cheerleader, listener and mentor into helping you find clarity and confidence to make your goals happen.

You don't have to feel overwhelmed, lost, struggling and feel alone anymore together we are going to create your roadmap to success.

I can't wait to connect with you :) 

Only £250.00 

Terms & Conditions. 

1) It is your responsibility to complete the course in the allocated time (12 weeks) and fully utilise my help for the duration of that time. (3 emails per week and a selection of workbooks and exercises to complete).

2) No full refunds will be given unless I can't carry out your programme for any reason. 

3) Part Refunds will only be issued if no course material has been given or accessed and within 5 days of purchasing the programme.

4) Any inappropriate language and/or behaviour from you (the student) during the 12 weeks of the programme shall be removed from the programme with immediate effect. 

5) All Worksheets, workbooks and content are copyrighted to Donna Owens and should not be shared without consent from the owner.